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Integrated Threat Management

Integrated Threat Management

All those who manage security, from systems administrators to senior managers, need a succinct understanding of the company’s security posture and its ability to respond to threats. Check Point Integrated Threat Management consolidates logging, monitoring, event correlation and reporting so you can find the information you need, all in one place.

Fully integrated threat management

Threat Management is fully integrated, with logging, monitoring, event correlation and reporting in one place. A visual dashboard provides full visibility into security across the network, helping you monitor the status of your enforcement points and stay alert to potential threats. An integrated solution for analysis can give IT departments the depth and coverage needed to prioritize business needs and application use according to the risks they face.

  • Pull data from a variety of extensive data sources – including security devices, servers, network activity, configurations and user activities.
  • Comprehensive network security monitoring for faster response to threats.
  • Simplified network security management for maximum efficiencies.

See the forest, and the trees

The fully customizable dashboard allows you to focus only on what matters to you. You get a comprehensive view of your security posture, and can quickly drill down into incident or log details with a few clicks. Reports are easily tailored to your stakeholders and accessible from any web browser.

  • Reduce data to be reviewed and quickly isolate threats.
  • Single management console with predefined and customizable interfaces.
  • Detailed or summary graphs and charts for analysis of traffic patterns.
  • Easily customizable, pre-defined security events automatically alert on critical events.

Ensure security compliance

At the heart of Check Point’s security compliance are hundreds of best practices that define and recommend the optimal security settings. Check Point Compliance constantly monitors the compliance status of their security gateways, enabling network security managers to quickly assess the strength of the current policy settings and where improvements are needed.

  • Translate thousands of complex regulatory requirements into actionable security best practices
  • Instant notification on security policy changes impacting security
  • Deliver real-time assessment of compliance with major regulations

How We Can Help

Monitoring & Reporting

SmartEvent allows you to create custom dashboards to monitor only what is relevant to your organization. Widgets and chart templates optimize visual display, making security data easy to understand at a glance. You can take advantage of predefined security events or customize them to prioritize events so automatic alerts are generated alerts for noteworthy, critical events. You can then present a complete picture of network and security performance, enabling fast responses to changes in traffic patterns or security events.

Security Compliance

Compliance management validates policy and configuration changes in real-time, against a library of 300+ security best practices and industry standards. Audit and compliance reporting has never been easier, with simple reports enabling organizations to reduce the time and costs associated with proving that each specific configuration setting is defined correctly. Compliance is now integrated into R80.

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