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3000 Security Appliance Features

The Check Point 3000 appliances offer a comprehensive and consolidated security solution available in two packages:

  • Next Generation Threat Prevention (NGTP): prevent sophisticated cyber threats with IPS, Application Control, Antivirus, Anti-Bot, URL Filtering and Email Security
  • Next Generation Threat Extraction (NGTX): advanced next-gen zero-day threat prevention, NGTP with Threat Emulation and Threat Extraction

Prevent unknown threats

The 3000 appliances are built to protect branch offices from both known and unknown threats with antivirus, anti-bot, SandBlast Threat Emulation (Sandboxing), and SandBlast Threat Extraction technologies.

As part of the Check Point SandBlast Zero-Day Protection solution, the cloud-based Threat Emulation engine detects malware at the exploit phase, even before hackers can apply evasion techniques attempting to bypass the sandbox. Files are quickly quarantined and inspected, running in a virtual sandbox to discover malicious behavior before it enters your network. This innovative solution combines cloud-based, CPU-level inspection and OS-level sandboxing to prevent infection from the most dangerous exploits and zero-day and targeted attacks.

In addition, SandBlast Threat Extraction removes exploitable content, including active content and embedded objects, reconstructs files to eliminate potential threats, and promptly delivers sanitized content to users to maintain business flow.

Secure remote access

The 3000 appliances make it simple for system administrators and mobile users to securely connect to enterprise branch offices from mobile devices with the included Check Point Mobile Access Software Blade—laptop, smartphone, and tablet users can safely access email, calendars, contacts, and applications. And thanks to two-factor authentication and user-device pairing, you’ll be able to positively verify authorized users.

VPN for secure remote and site-to-site connectivity

The bundled Check Point IPsec VPN Software Blade provides secure access to corporate networks as well as network connectivity between branch offices and business partners. Integrating access control, authentication, and IPsec VPN guarantees the security of network connections over the Internet.

Fast deployment, flexible management

The 3000 Appliances include an intuitive set-up wizard to facilitate initial configuration for rapid deployment. An intuitive, web-based administration interface provides local management of up to two 3000 appliances for high-availability purposes. Centralized management provides the ability to manage the device from anywhere, enabling organizations to define consistent security policies and device profiles as well as automated updates for greater real-time threat protection.

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